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At Ergonomic Times, we have a passion for ergonomically designed products. We have first hand experiences with Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) and so we've created this place to share our knowledge and offer solutions that we believe in and that will benefit you.
We have lot's of information for those who want to become aware of computer related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, prevent RSI, are currently experiencing symptoms such as wrist pain, or are recovering from RSI.

We also feature a large selection of proven ergonomic computer products that you will find very beneficial. To provide you a superior shopping experience and many FREE SHIPPING offers we have partnered with Amazon.com for the check-out process, payments, and shipping. Please take advantage of our valuable product pre-selection and categorization as well as Amazon.com's low prices and superior service.

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Take your time, browse the articles, the forum, read about the products, become informed and aware. The next step is to take actions:

Tweets about Ergonomics and Issues

iconCarpal Tunnel Syndrome. /wrist -ElleiconExercising and stretching your hands makes the fingers and the forearms strong, and helps ease the symptoms of arthritis and carpal tunnel.
iconThis woman gets carpal tunnel from grading papers and the different ways to handle it.. Oh, the woes of being a teacher.iconCarpal tunnel syndrome TINel's sign: TINgling sensation after Tapping on Traumatized nerve in carpal Tunnel syndrome
iconI think I may have a mild to moderate case of Minecraft Carpal Tunnel.iconI swear I have carpal tunnel
iconSo often, symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are often caused by a problem in the neck, not wrist!iconIve got a collar bone split in half missing part of my pointer finger and carpal tunnel in both hands Playing guitar has never been harder
iconthe carpal tunnel of love is a nice chishimondo song......iconCarpal tunnel? We can help! Call us today at Allegheny Chiropractic where life feels better!

Ergonomics, healthy computing and overall health are clearly related. We know that we should have a good posture and that we should not smoke. However, many people slouch and smoke :) Well, at least smokers take regular breaks and get away from their desk and computer. To all non-smokers: take at least 3 breaks each hour.

Shared tips, stories, thoughts, info and more 

The nerves in your wrist start in your neck. Learn how neck stretches can help cure RSI and wrist pain: http://carpaltunnelblog.blogspot.com
on 2009-06-17

Your computer monitor should meet you at eye-level, so you do not have to strain your neck.
on 2009-04-21

Reading this with tiered eyes? Take a break from your computer! Walk around a little or do some stretches.
on 2009-03-26

Elbow or wrist pain? Learn about TMS/Pain Distraction Syndrome: http://www.ergonomictimes.com/article.php?articleID=2&title=TMSMindbodyPain
on 2009-03-09

When sitting, remember that the position of the pelvis sets the foundation for the posture of your back. Pelvic rotation is important.
on 2009-03-01

Listen to your body: when you feel discomfort in neck, shoulder, elbow or wrist then take a short break from computer work and stretch!
on 2009-02-26

Computer related injury signs: Neck pain and frequent 'cracking' of the neck.
on 2009-02-16

Addicted to Gadgets? Just sit still and relax! Otherwise we will have a generation suffering from iPhone, iPod, or BlackBerry thumb.
on 2009-02-11

Keyboard technique: Use a light touch when pressing keys.
on 2009-02-09

Computer Related Injury Warning Sign: discomfort of the skin near the wrist caused by bracelets or watches.
on 2009-02-06

Mousing Technique: Do not just use the wrist to move the mouse, use the whole arm and shoulder.
on 2009-02-05

Computer Related Injury Warning Sign: Weakness in forearms or hands; weak grip.
on 2009-02-05

Thumb pain and the danger of Text Message injury: please don't text for more than a few minutes without a break.
on 2009-01-29

Sara: Don't stretch your fingers to reach for faraway keys. Instead move your arm to position your finger over the key and then hit it.
on 2009-01-28

Mousing Technique: Do not rest your wrist or forearm on the desk while you move the mouse.
on 2009-01-27

Don't rest your wrist while typing, let it float. Only rest your wrist while you are NOT typing.
on 2009-01-27

Typing Technique: Keep wrist in a neutral position: parallel to your desk and the middle finger must be in line with the wrist and forearm.
on 2009-01-27

Mousing Tip: Hold your mouse loosely because gripping creates tension in your fingers.
on 2009-01-27

Ergonomic Software can eliminate mouse clicks, remind you to take breaks or to perform stretches, and reduce or eliminate typing.
on 2009-01-27

for your eyes apply the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes take a 20 second break (or longer) and focus on an object 20 feet away!
on 2009-01-27


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