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Goldtouch Go! Travel Comfort Keyboard (GTP-0055)

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Goldtouch Go! Travel Comfort Keyboard (GTP-0055)
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Product Details

Category:Personal Computers

Product Description

The Goldtouch Go! Travel Keyboard is a thin, lightweight, easy to use keyboard that offers you maximum comfort through our signature adjustability. The keys on our Go! keyboard are what set us apart. The Goldtouch Go! Travel Keyboard gives users a similar key feel and travel distance that's typicially only found on a standard keyboard. Combined with our signature adjustability, to straighten your wrists and find your natural comfort typing position; and our soft key touch to ensure you never "bottom out" while typing... We're positive this is one travel keyboard you'll want to make room for! Featuring: Our Signature Adjustability: 0°-30° adjustment on the horizontal plane (wrist splay) to straighten your wrists, combined with 0°-30° adjustment of vertical tenting to reduce wrist pronation. Removable Protective Covers: Make for easy storage and allows the keyboard to be placed directly on the notebook. Compact Size - The Go! keyboard allows for use in limited space environments, and the keyboard weighs in at 1 lbs for easy portability.

Product Features

* Full-size lightweight keyboard
* Adjusts to fit your individual typing position
* Removable protective covers allow for easy storage
* Soft key touch and low activation force reduces fatigue
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